Coronavirus Protective Screens in Perspex

Protecting Staff & Customers as Businesses Re-open

The coronavirus is spread mainly by droplets in the air from coughs & sneezes. A screen positioned in front of a cash register or counter acts as a barrier to these airborne droplets and protects cashiers, receptionists, pharmacists etc..

Single Perspex Sheets – Easy to self install

There are two easy mounting approaches:

  1. Chain, cord or rope hanging with 2 or 3 small holes.
    See our shop example, below.
  2. Counter mounted with Channel Bases or Clamps. (Not supplied.)

Perspex Protective Screens

Our Perspex Acrylic Sheets are stronger than glass, weather resistant and easy to clean.
These act as protective screens that are easy to clean & disinfect.
Available in 3mm, 4mm and 5mm thicknesses, 亚洲香蕉视频_变态另类视频专区亚洲 recommends our 3mm extruded Perspex sheets for your protective screens.
See our prices below.

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3mm Extruded Perspex Sheet


Sizes in Feett Sizes in mmRetail Prices
Plus VAT
4′ x 2′1220 x 610£16.18
4′ x 3′1220 x 914£24.29
6′ x 2′1828 x 610£24.29
6′ x 30″1828 x 762£30.38
6′ x 3′1828 x 914£36.34
6′ x 4′1828 x 1220£48.60
8′ x 4′2440 x 1220£64.79



Call 0121 475 4544 to discuss your requirements.